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The WMS420, wireless microphone system, provides a highly flexible solution, being equally suitable on stage as well as in locations where a single channel or multichannel solution is needed. The WMS 420 wireless system consists of the SR 420 stationary receiver and PT 420 handheld transmitter with instrument cable.. Both transmitters have charging contacts. In its price range the WMS 420 is the only wireless system that professionally supports the use of rechargeable batteries. The low cost of operation make the WMS420 attractive for installations. The detachable receiver antennas allow the use of professional accessories, such as antenna splitters and remote mounted directional antennas for multi channel systems. Band A 530,025 – 559,000 MHzDetachable receiver antennas
PT 420 pocket transmitter with 1/4″ instrument cable
Transmitters with charging contacts saves money in day-to-day use and preserves the environment
Compatible with all AKG Micromics almost all applications can be covered
Low battery warning indicator for secure operation