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This WiFi controller kit combines the function of LED light controller and WiFi hub to one device.

Double Control Methods

With this device, your LED lightings could be controlled using your IOS or Android mobile devices or tablets. The smart device
control software is written in the CD included with the package. Different control interface for different type of lights. You could
also choose to use the remote controller included in the package


This WiFi controller could work with single color, double color or RGB LED lights. It is easy to setup the wire, you don’t have
to invite a electrician to your home to setup. Specific connection for different type of lights is illustrated in the instruction.

Wide Control Distance

The remote controlling distance is about 164ft. With Wifi technical, the control distance using your IOS or Android device is
up to 164ft within buildings and 328ft in the opening, strong signal receiving ability and wide control distance. Allow you to
control your illumination from long distance at any time using your mobile devices.

Separate SSID

One device has 16 separate SSID, this means that you could control one specific device at one time while all devices are in
the same area. Connect to different LANs to control your lights separately. You could also set all devices with the same SSID so you could control them simultaneously.

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Package included:

1 x WiFi controller
1 x WiFi RF remote

1 x CD (software for Android/IOS)

3 x AAA Batteries
” Combines LED controller and WiFi hub in one device, reduce setup complexity, simple
Compatible for single color, dual color and RGB LED strip light, cabinet light, recessed light, etc
Double control methods, control your LED lights using remote controller or IOS & Android mobile devices or tablets
Setup CD for mobile device software was included, easy to setup and install, multiple functions to DIY your illumination
Rate 164ft control distance within buildings and 328ft outdoors, wide effective signal receiving distance

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets