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The ICE-16 16 Channel Multitrack Recorder by Allen & Heath records 16 tracks of audio directly to a USB key or hard drive. Just connect the 16 analog inputs to any line level source (your mixer’s direct outs are ideal), plug in your memory and press record to capture live shows, band rehearsals, conferences or services for mixing or playback afterwards. ICE-16 also functions as a 16 x 16 channel interface to your computer in the studio, streaming high quality digital audio at 24bit, up to 96kHz sample rate over FireWire or high speed USB 2.0. Units can be linked when streaming over FireWire to expand the channel count even further. Live or in the studio, ICE-16 makes multitrack recording easy. Multiple units can be daisy-chained over the FireWire bus, or kept in sync using the DIN connectors when recording on multiple USB devices, making ICE-16 the perfect companion for both small and large analog consoles such as Allen & Heath’s acclaimed ZED, Mix Wizard and GL mixers. Plug into your desk Direct Outs or use a mix of Groups and Aux sends to save on channels. The USB DRIVE is automatically detected and checked by the system. Starting the recording is as simple as pushing a button. Remove and plug the key into a computer to access or transfer the WAV files to any DAW. Removing the USB stick or powering up the unit without one enables the USB/FireWire interface. Signals present at the inputs will be sent to the Mac or PC on channels 1-16. WDM/ASIO drivers and USB2.0 class compliance ensure full compatibility with most DAWs, including Logic, Sonar, Cubase and Pro Tools. Whether you want to do a “virtual sound check” or just need to play cues during a live gig, tracks can be played back directly from the USB drive and full multichannel audio can be sent from the computer to the ICE-16 analog Outputs. Allen & Heath is dedicated to designing world-class audio mixing products using cutting-edge technology, advanced techniques and highest quality components.16 analog inputs, 16 analog outputs
Front USB socket for easy capture to USB storage devices
Hybrid FireWire (IEE1394)/USB 2.0 16×16 audio interface
Industry standard wav file format
Up to 6 hours of 16 channel audio on a 32GB USB stick