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The Kick15 represents a new and more powerful amplifier design for keyboardists, drummers, and those needing a personal PA. You get 400 Watts of peak power in a true bi-amped design with a custom-tuned electronic crossover, an integrated four-channel mixer and built-in Alesis effects. Just like Alto Professional’s industry-leading Truesonic loudspeakers, the Kick15 is a fine-tuned performance-hungry machine. Each component has been optimized for maximum efficiency, giving you an amplifier that sounds amazing, is lightweight, and has everything you need without the filler.Professional electronic instrument amplifier with 15-inch speaker; optimized for keyboards, electronic percussion and small PA use.
4-channel mixer with stereo line inputs on each channel and an XLR input on Channel 1; 400 Watts peak power, 200 Watts continuous
True bi-amped design provides dedicated power to high and low drivers
256 effect presets: 16 effects with 16 variations each
Integrated folding steel kickstand provides the ideal monitoring angle