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1Interested in building your own bass? This set will satisfy your special needs, including all the parts you need to create your own cool instrument.

Type: JAZZ Bass
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 21 Frets
String: Nickel Alloy
Numbers of Strings: 4
Tuner Peg Type: Open
Potentiometer Type:A520K / B520K / B520K
Bass Bridge System: Adjustable
Bass Pickup Type: Passive
Guitar Pickup Configuration: 2 Magnetic Single Coil Pickups
Item Weight: 3.0kg / 6.5lb(Body+Neck)
Package Size:90 * 52 * 7cm / 35.4 * 20.5 * 2.8in
Package Weight: 5.4kg / 11.9lb

Electronics are complete and ready for installation–no soldering required, but the electronic parts needs to be mounted on the pick guard so soldering is required.

Package List:
1 * Bass Body
1 * Bass Neck
1 * Neck Plate
1 * Pick Guard
1 * Cable
1 * Nut
1 * Tailpiece
4 * Tuner Peg
4 * String
2 * Pickup
1 * Switch Control Plate
1 * Set of Screw
2 * Strap PinKit includes all parts to build a complete, playable electric bass.
The switch control plate is installed with metal knobs and pots and wires, no needing other installation.
The body is made of basswood, while the neck is constructed from maple, and the fingerboard is made of rosewood, exquisite workmanship.
The holes are delicately and perfectly cut, fits for the accessories well.
The wood with smooth surface for easy painting and DIY.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets