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‘Giovanni Marradi’

Is a composer, pianist and arranger. He is the son of Italian trumpeter and conductor Alfredo Marradi;
his great-grandfather, also named Giovanni Marradi, was a poet and composer.

Giovanni began playing piano at age five, and three years later was sent to study composition and technique
with Michael Cheskinov at the Russian Conservatory. As a young adult, he played throughout Europe and the
Middle East but his dream was to come to the U.S. to pursue his music career.
After arriving in California as an Italian immigrant, Giovanni played small concerts in Southern California
and was asked to perform at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. While performing on stage, an entertainer took
notice of this young talent and a long lasting friendship developed. That entertainer was Frank Sinatra.
Frank and Giovanni became close friends and Frank mentored Giovanni throughout the years.

Giovanni became one of the most successful expressionists pianists of our time.
Giovanni is a pianist, composer, arranger, recording artist, inventor and illustrator

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets