You’ve somehow survived the expense of your twentieth anniversary. Now it’s one year later and you’re in the market for an anniversary gift for your twenty-first anniversary. You’re hoping that this year won’t run you as much money. Well, you’re in luck. You can’t get much cheaper than this year’s modern anniversary gift idea. The problem is, you may not know what to get when you hear what it is. Don’t worry. We’ll give you more than enough ideas to get your spouse something nice. Even if it is cheap.

The modern day gift ideas for this anniversary are brass or nickel. Let’s start with nickel first.

Yes, you can. Why not? Think it’s crazy? Not at all. A rare nickel collection would be a big surprise to your spouse. Just head down to the local coin collector and pick out a couple dozen rare nickels. You might want also to add to that collection one nickel for the year you were married and one nickel for each of your birth years. While this is a much cheaper gift than last year’s china or platinum, be careful A really rare nickel, if you can even find one, can run you into hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You probably want to stick with coins that run about $10 a piece. This way you can get a 20 coin collection for about $200. Not too shabby a gift at all.

If coins aren’t your thing, there are other items that are made out of nickel that you can choose from. The truth is, many metals are made at least in part out of nickel. For example. You can get your home a new tinted glass window. Why? Because the tint of the glass is partially made out of nickel. Because so many metal products contain some nickel in them, just about any item made out of metal would be an appropriate gift for this day.

If the nickel idea doesn’t quite do it for you, then you might want to go with the other modern day gift idea, which is brass. Need some ideas? No problem. Got a musician in your house? One who plays the trumpet? How about a new trumpet for his or her anniversary. Of course. Why do you think they’re called brass instruments? They are all at least partially made of brass if not entirely. Just about any kind of horn is made out of brass.

If you don’t have a musician living with you, there are other things made of brass that you can get. How about a new brass door knocker for your front door? Maybe you can get your wife a nice brass dinner bell so that when she calls you for dinner, you’ll actually hear her for a change. If you’re a drinker, a nice brass bottle opener can be a cool gift. If you like the sound of chimes, some brass chimes hanging outside could do the trick.

Between nickel and brass, you should have no trouble getting a gift that won’t break the bank this year.

Source by Michael Russell