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A Great School to Further Arts Studies But Competition is Tough and Admissions Officers are Very Choosy

Attending Julliard is amongst the most prestigious achievement that any musician, dancer or dramatist can achieve. The school is well known for their prestigious honors and the prestigious people who leave Julliard to pursue their passions. The acceptance process into Julliard is a rigorous process as they strive only to find the best in music, drama and dance.

The Committee on Admissions selects students based on their performances at competitive auditions that are held at The Julliard School and other cities around the country. Members of the faculty of Julliard evaluate the students and in-person auditions are required by all students. Many exceptional students will be invited for live auditions. Students receive notification of their auditions one month prior to their audition to give them time to prepare their pieces. Students may not apply more than twice to the Dance and Music Divisions or three times to the Drama Divisions if they have received unfavorable results in the past. Students who are selected must also begin their studies in the fall semester. Students are not allowed to enroll in the winter and begin in the spring. Admissions are not determined by any other factors except the performance of the student in the in-person or live audition.

Drama and Music students are required to be high school graduates or possess a G.E.D. Julliard does not have a minimum or maximum age limit. They do tend to admit those students who are in their prime for the learning and training that Julliard provides. Many students may be young adults in their teens while others may be older. The priority of Julliard is to insure the artistic development of their students. Dance candidates must also be high school graduates or have their G.E.D., however, the Dance Division has an Early Admissions program that allows dance candidates to apply during their junior year of high school or be at least age 16. Julliard does not require that students take tests such as the ACT or SAT, but if they have taken these tests they are encouraged to send the results to Julliard.

Applicants are also responsible for insuring that they provide complete education documents and transcripts to Julliard. Students who have attended high school or college must provide official transcripts from all schools. All undergraduate applicants must also provide a letter of recommendation from a high school academic teacher that teaches English, history or other language arts course. Letters of Recommendation are required, as Julliard wants to insure that students are able to speak, read, write and comprehend properly. They also want their students to be able to be effective speakers, advocates, teachers and community partners. Drama Division students are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their drama teacher and discuss their work as an actor or actress.

Students that obtain a position learning and training at Julliard in Dance and Drama are eligible for either the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or the Julliard Diploma.

Undergraduate music students are eligible for a Bachelor of Music degree with four years of study. Undergraduate music students are also eligible for the Julliard Diploma with three years of study.

Consider this quote: “The transforming role of Juilliard is to help talented students harness their dedication to become communicative artists, imbued with the passion and understanding to reach within themselves to affect and move audiences. It is this process that prepares our students for a life in the arts.” Joseph W. Polisi, President of The Juilliard School

Source by Louise Garrett

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets