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The Audio2000’S AWM6113 Plug-In-N-Recharge VHF dual channel wireless microphone system is a wireless microphone system with the recharge mechanism right on top of the receiver and on the microphone. Intended to be a solution provider for various application environment. The Plug-In-N-Recharge feature makes the wireless microphone systems ready to be used at any time.Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Outputs. Band: VHF Fixed Frequencies (170-216MHz) . Frequency Display . 100V-120V AC Power Supply.
Rechargeable Mechanism built-in right on the top of receiver for convenient use
Prior to use the system, both of the handheld transmitters need to be charged fully for at least 4 hours. Please use rechargeable batteries when charging the handheld transmitters. When charging the handheld transmitters, please make sure the receiver is at OFF position while power supply still plug to the wall. This way will charge both microphones at the same time. Charging with receiver ON will only charge one transmitter at the time.
Both antenna need to be position at 45 degrees angle. Make sure that the antenna is not too close to the wall or TV.
If there is a static noise appear when turn on the transmitter, unplug the AC adaptor or power supply and revise then plug in again.