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Views of the Auralex HoverMat, flat and rolled up

The portable mat that improves acoustical isolation and your drum’s tone.
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Auralex HoverMat in use with drum kit

Constructed of a 4′ x 6′ section of Auralex’s sound-deadening SheetBlok sound barrier material.
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Get the Best Sound Out of Your Drum Set

The Auralex HoverMat is a slip-resistant drum rug that greatly improves acoustical isolation and your drum’s tone. It is rugged and durable and it comes with a cinch sack for transporting and storing the mat. The sack’s shoulder strap makes transporting the HoverMat easy. Upgrade your old drum rug to the Auralex HoverMat and hear the difference.

Provides a Tighter, More Focused Sound

The Auralex HoverMat isolates a drum set from the floor or a hollow stage, reducing coloration from floor resonance by decoupling the drum kit, thereby resulting in a tighter, more pure sound for both studio and live applications. The HoverMat comes as a 4′ x 6′ section of Auralex’s sound-deadening SheetBlok sound barrier material, covered with charcoal gray Ozite-type, commercial-grade, road-ready carpet, and is ideal for musicians on the go, worship groups, live performance venues, or anywhere a drum kit or percussion set-up needs additional isolation.

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Auralex HoverDeck.

Features At a Glance
  • Purifies your tone instantly and provides acoustical isolation
  • Fabricated with industry-leading Auralex SheetBlok
  • Decouples your kit from hollow floors
  • Provides a tighter, more focused sound
  • Non-slip surface holds drums and hardware in place
  • Dimensions – 6′(w) x 4′(d) x 1/4″ thickness
  • Weight – 28 lbs
  • Cinch sack with shoulder strap included
  • Great for drummers and keyboard players alike

Provide sonic isolation between your drums and whatever they’re resting on.
23.75-Inch x 23.75-Inch x 1-Inch
6’Wx4’Dx.25″ Thick adn Enhances sonic clarity of drums and percussion by eliminating sympathetic resonances within the rooms sub floor and superstructure
Yields a tighter, more precise bass response while un-masking otherwise obscured higher frequencies
Limits sound transmission from room to room by minimizing direct mechanical vibration between the sound source and the building as a whole.