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1) LED: 5050, 30LEDs/M
2) Voltage: 5V DC
3) Power: 14.4W
4) Color: RGB multi color changing
5) IP rate: IP65 waterproof
6) LED strip length: 200cm
7) USB cable length: 90cm
8) Controller: RF 10keys remote controller

About remote controller:
1) ON/OFF: press this key to turn on and turn off the light
2) MODE+/MODE-: press these two keys to change the light color changing model, there are 18kinds of color change models
3) SPEED+/SPEED-: press these two keys to change the light color changing speed, there are 6levels speed
4) COLOR+/COLOR-: press these two keys to change the stable light colors, 20kinds of stable colors
5) BRIGHT+/BRIGHT-: press these two keys to change the brightness of light color, there are 6levels brightess
6) DEMO: press this key to make the light color back to original model and then color changing by one model after another model

* The remote controller has memory function, the color of light when you turn on again is same as last time when you turn off.
* Please pull out the insulation sheet at end of remote before you use itbr>

1) TV backlight
2) Bias home lighting
3) Home theater lighting
4) TV mood light
5) HDTV, Computer, Desktop, Laptop background, Home kitchen decorative

Package includeds:
* 200cm RGB LED strip light
* 90cm USB cable
* 1pcs RF 10keys remote controller
* 1pcs manual
* 1pcs pack box
This package includes: 200cm RGB LED strip light, 90cm USB cable, 1pcs RF 10keys remote controller, 1pcs manual and 1pcs pack box
Colors: 20kinds of stable colors, 18kinds of color changing models, 6levels dimmable function, 6levels speed
Install: there is adhesives tape on back of LED strip light, easy to adhesives it to your TV screen back. It is powered by USB port, just Plug-and-play, no need external power adapter or battery
Features: every LED(3.34cm) can be cut that you can get suitable length you want, it is PU glue coats IP65 waterproof and dust proof, 5050 highest brightness
Quality assurance: high brightness 60 LEDs last up to 50,000 LED lighting hours. 45 days money back, one year guarantee and friendly, easy-to-reach support