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See images above. Knowing the right measurement of your guitar’s setup is an essential step for an ultimate guitar performance. The new AZMUSIC String Action Gauge will help you better understand your guitar’s needs as it provides quick and precise measurement of setup adjustments on any stringed instrument. Ideal for all guitar geeks from the professional guitar players to the passionate beginners. It’s the perfect accessory for a smooth and balanced guitar playing. Order yours today!Keep your stringed instruments in top playing condition with this simple and versatile tool. It helps you hit the right chords perfectly without stressing your fingers.
Provides precise and accurate measurements not only for string action, but can also be used in measuring nut height, string to pole distance and fret slot depth.
Made of durable stainless steel with precision etched markings so prints will not easily wear off from continued use.  It is sturdy and handy so you can carry it anywhere for a quick and easy guitar setup.
Each gauge is printed with a useful decimal and metric conversion chart. It’s easy to read so checking and adjusting string action will definitely be a breeze.
Explore the different ways in setting up a guitar and play like you’ve always dreamed of with this gauge.  Love it or get your money back 100% with our satisfaction guarantee. Get yours now!