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Compatible with Most Record Players:
Academy MD1101, Mini Centre
Alba MC452, MS1050, MS1250, MS1450, MS150, MS450, MS700CD, MS800, SST1820, SST1800, SST2000, SST2300CD, SST2400CD, SST2900, MS176CD
Binatone 1044, 1054, 7232
Bush 8830, 9530, 9546, 9547, 9561, 9580, 9842, 9890, 9901, MS200, MS210, MS212, MS220, MS230, MS240, MS242, MS245, MS250, MS251, MS260, MS261, MS8202, MS8601, MS8604, RPA1, RPA3
Crosley CR248, CR27, CR40, CR42, CR43, CR44, CR44CD, CR46, CR47, CR48, CR50, CR53, CR54, CR6005A, CR6007A, CR6008A, CR6020A, CR66, CR67, CR69, CR70, CR7002A, CR711, CR712, CR73, CR79, CR88, Director CR2405A, CR2405B, CR2405C, Lancaster CR42C, Traveller CR49, Player CR6017A, Executive CR6019A, Patriarch CR7007A, Musician CR704, Cruiser CR8005A
Crown CD2000, CD2500, CD3000, MC44, MCF35, MCF65, MCK10, MCK20, MCK40, MZ2000, MZ1100, MZ2150, MCK380
Denon SJN75
Emerson NR305TT, 793D7
Fisher ST141, Fisher ST05D, Fisher ST707J
GPO Memphis, GPO Jive
Grace Digital GDI-NDL2
ION IPTUSB, IPT01, Contour USB, PURE LP, Max LP, Classic LP, iLP, Duo Deck, LP 2 GO, iCT06RS, CZ-800-10
MAGNAVOX 5690300007, 5690600006
Nikkai CD88
Numark PT01, ST05D
Pfanstiehl 793S3, 793D7
Philips CZ800, F1275, F1285, F1485, F1662, F1650, F1652, F1664, FCD185, FCD463, FCD465, FCD485, FCD560, FCD562, FCD563, FCD565, FCD585, FP9400,GP209
Radio Shack 3500, M3100, M3150, M4000, MCD4001, RCT1200, RCT2500, RCT7000
Samsung SMQ500, DTM150, SCM6000L
Sanyo DCX100, DCX110, DCX19, DCX850, DCXW7, STG33, STWW2, STWW3J, W7CD, ST05D, ST707J
Sharp CMSN45E, CMSN50CD, SGF111E, SG33, STY146, STY159
Sony ND152P, VX52P
Teac STL103, LPR500, LPR550USB, LPP1000
Toshiba M27, SL3027, SL3049, SL3129, SL3329, X2

Size: 0.75”x0.4”x0.10”
Weight: 0.01 lbs

Package Details:
2 * Brand New Plastic Replacement Needle
The replacement needle is made in China with High-Grade ABS Plastic Composition and Diamond Tip.
Plays 3 Speeds – 33 1/3, 45 And 78 RPM Records
With your hands can install it- No Tools Required.
Compatible with most of turntables like: Academy, Alba, Binatone, Bush, Crosley, Crown, Denon, Emerson, Fisher, GPO, Grace Digital, ION, MAGNAVOX, Nikkai, Numark, PYLE, Pfanstiehl, Philips, Radio Shack, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Teac, Toshiba.
1 Year Warranty and With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Attention: To avoid disapointment, we suggest customers always compare the image with your current stylus and contrast from the following “Product Description” before you place the order, becuase Cartaidges are often change or upgraded.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets