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Compatible With A Variety Of Turntables:
Ariston 1200;
BUSH M1, MP370CD, MT1, MTT1, MTT2;
Chuo Denki/Harksound CN112, CN225, CN234;
Crosley CR24003A, CR2402C, CR2413A, CR245, CR246, CR249, CR6001A, CR6002A,CR6004A, CR6249A;
Empire S111, S190LT, S290LT, S333, S390LT;
Fisher ST09D, STW17J, STW40J, MT223A, MT228, MT229, MT851, MT854, MT855A;
Ferguson FTURN01, FTURN02;
Gemini CN1000, XL series,XL100, XL300, XL500, TT01;
Goodmans CRN-2500-1, GSP400, GSP400S;
Ion LPDock, LP2CD, LP2Flash, IProfile, Profile Flash, Profile Pro,Profile Lp, ITTUSB05, ITTUSB, ITTUSB10, ITTCD10, IDJ03, ITT02A, ITT03, TTUSB, TTUSB05, TTUSB05XL, TTUSB10,TTUSBDC;
Kenwood/Trio N69, P31, P110;
KAM BDX350, KC1, KS1, DDX1200,DDX2000, DDX3000, DDX3800, DDX4000 (will not fit DDX1200B, DDX2000B);
Numark Groovetool RS, GTRS, TTUSB, TT1600, TT1600 mk2, TT1610, TT1650;
Otto ST09D, STW40J, DCX702, DCX22, DCX1000, DCX1050;
Philips/Norelco F1395, FP320;
Sony CN234, CN251, PSLX150, PSLX150H, PSJ10, PSJ11, PSJ20, PSLX495, PSLX49,PSLX49P, PSLX52, PSLX52P, PSLX55, PSLX56P, PSLX56, PSLX57, PSLX6, PSLX66, PSLX150H,PSLX300H,(May also fit PSLX44P , PSLX46P in some countries);
Sharp/Optonica STY158;
Steepletone SSTY3;
Sanyo ST09D, ST59U, ST868J, STW17J, STW40J, DCXW17, DCX702, DCX22, DCX1000, DCX1050,DCX891, DCX900MD, DCX901,W40CD;
Sherwood PM9800;
Samsung PL8400H;
Soundlab DLP1600, GO56;
TEAC TN100, TN200;

Made of durable ABS plastic,complete with plastic cover to protect it while on the cartridge.
The needle plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records and it features conical diamond for long playing life and good rendition of voice and music.
Size: 0.75”x0.5”x0.12”
Weight: 0.01 lbs

Package Details:
2 * Brand New Replacement stylus
The diamond-tipped, Moving Magnet record player needle is made in China.
The needle plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records.
With your hands can install it- No Tools Required.
Compatible with most of turntables like: Ariston, Bush, Chuo Denki/Harksound, Crosley, Empire, Fisher, Ferguson, Gemini, Goodmans, Ion, Kenwood/Trio, KAM, MINISTRY OF SOUND, Numark, Otto, PFANSTIEHL, Philips/Norelco, Pyle, Sony, Sharp/Optonica, Steepletone, Sanyo, Sherwood, Samsung, Soundlab and Teac.
1 Year Warranty and With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Attention: To avoid disapointment, we suggest customers always compare the image with your current stylus and contrast from the following “Product Description” before you place the order, becuase Cartaidges are often change or upgraded.