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Meticulously engineering and passionately designed by professional musicians, the Barbetta Sona 31C is the perfect companion for the traveling musician. Forget carrying around loads of gear – this high-performance powered speaker will save you lots of heavy lifting, without leaving full-quality, high-level sound behind.

The Sona 31C keeps it together on the low-end, with full sexy bass, bell-like clarity on the highest notes, and sparkling middle tones that sound real, present, and absolutely fantastic. It features unique, special design active line-level crossovers uniquely tailored to the Sona 31C. The ported reflex cab is made of high-tech, high density bonded wood fiber composite. Think exotic carbon fiber but with sound-friendly wood fiber. The power section is a fully discrete, patented, MOSFET based class AB design with sound quality a lot like the old tubes.

This is the real thing, brought up to date for 2015, with new & improved components. This speaker weighs in at a mere 35 lbs, but don’t let this lightweight deceive you. The 31C packs more power than you’ll ever need on stage.

Features include:

• 500 W of raw power

• Ultra-precise, clean sound

• 2 x 8″ speakers

• 2 x 1″ compression drivers

• 2 separate dedicated power amps, one for the highs, and one for the lows

• 4-channel global EQ that allows you to adapt to any setting

• Dimensions: 15.2 x 12.2 x 17.2 inches

• Weight: 35 lbs

• A 5-year limited warranty

Each Barbetta speaker is handcrafted in the USA. Lightweight, loud, flexible inputs, and lots of good clean sound – what more do you need?Bi-amped powered speaker – 2 x 8″ speakers and 2 x 1″ compression drivers
Clean, loud, quality sound without distortion
Lightweight, 4-channels, XLR output, EQ settings & more power than you’ll ever need
Portable & compact, easy to move from gig to gig
Versatile – use for gigs, PA, solo/band performances, acoustic & electronic instruments