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Phitz is based in Chicago, where we design all of our instrument cases. We manufacture them at our wholly owned factory in China. We control every aspect of design and every quality check, and we think that matters a lot.
High quality starts with materials. We use thicker foam and tougher thread than you’ll find in other products, and our hardware comes from the best metal fabricators. But we don’t stop there: We test each batch of cases for strength and durability, making sure your case stays solid long after you buy it.
We designed this to be a great case, and we hope we’ve succeeded. (Lots of reviews from happy customers suggest that we have.) We guarantee our cases and are glad to accept returns and exchanges.
From all of us here, thank you for your consideration, and we hope you make your next case a Phitz.This is a hard-sided case for an electric bass guitar. Built with serious musicians in mind, Phitz cases comes fully loaded with a thoughtful, rugged set of features – with a twist.
With a reinforced carry handle, three-layer plywood construction, and durable metal hardware, this case is guaranteed not to fail by our 1 year warranty.
Padded inside with almost 1″ of closed cell foam in the body area and 0.5″ of plush polyurethane foam elsewhere to protect every inch of your guitar. Key-locking center latch keeps your guitar safe.
Interior dimensions: 46.5″ x 13.5″ x 3″ (depth)-body area measures 21″ x 13″. Compartment (13″x7″x2″) holds tuner, strap, extra strings, picks, and small accessories.
This case fits most bass guitars, including: Fender P-bass & J-bass, Ibanez GSR/SR, Rickenbacker 4003, Musicman Stingray, Spector Legend Classic, ESP AP Series, Schecter Diamond P/J, Yamaha RBX/TRB, Epiphone EB, Gibson EB/SG, and others.