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When you are in the market for beginners' weight training equipment you are just going to be looking for the basics. This basically encapsulates a bench with weights or a home gym type apparatus. Obviously, if you go with a home gym then you are going to probably have to shell out a lot more dollars. If you think you can manage yourself to just get a bench then by all means be my guest.

Let's take a look first at the home gym. This is sort of an all in one piece of weight training equipment. You will not really have to purchase anything but this one thing. Then when you want to workout you will just go sit on it and lift weights. Usually, most of them will have different stations from which you can work on your legs, your arms, lats, biceps, curls, etc. This is a more advanced machine and will also require some space in your home. You can put it in the corner of your basement or garage, or possible outside if it is weatherproof. This is the route that most people will eventually choose to go down. These home gyms have come a long way in a short period of time, and they are a lot better and more efficient than they were back in say, the early 1990's.

The other cheaper option in terms of weight training equipment for beginners is to just get a weight bench and some weights. You can either get a flat bench or one that is angled. The traditional way is to go with flat, but it really does not matter all that much. You can probably pick up something which alternates between flat and angled as well. This is a very simplified piece of equipment. It is the base from which you are going to bench and curl.

Now you are also going to have to invest in some weights here. With the home gym they will come with it but they probably will not come with the bench. So think about the maximum possible weight that you can lift, and get weights that lead up to that point. Remember, you are probably going to be able to lift more as time goes on now that you are investing in your own set. But also remember that you can always go back to the store and get more weights (heavier) when you reach that point in time.

Finally, you will have to purchase a bar on which to put these weights. That is really the last piece in your weight training equipment set for beginners as I see it. Could you get a whole lot fancier? Sure, you could. But this article was written mainly for the budget-conscious beginner, who is looking for a slimmed down set. It will get them started on the right foot, and as they learn what is out there they can expand into more exotic instruments. The basics though are to just get a bench or a gym and start using it on a regular basis.

Source by Edward Beverley

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets