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Experience an extended, more accurate bass with PureAV Blue Series Subwoofer Audio Cables from Belkin. Designed to handle the low frequencies produced by subwoofers, Blue Series Subwoofer Audio Cables provide deeper and tighter bass than ordinary audio cables, as well as freedom from interference for richer sound. Use of a solid-core conductor ensures the accuracy essential to delivering powerful bass, a vast improvement over a stranded-core conductor.Balanced, Solid-core Bass Conductor
99.99%-purity Copper Conductors
Precision-formulated, Polyethylene Dielectric Material
Split-tip Center-pin & 6-cut, Corrosion-resistant, 24k Gold RCA Connectors
Double Shielding
Cable delivers a fuller, more extended bass response
99.99%-purity copper conductors improve audio clarity
Generates better high frequencies and a more realistic stereo image
Split-tip center pin and 6-cut, corrosion-resistant, 24k gold RCA connectors
Lifetime warranty