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Take Your Mic Game To The Next Level – Starting Today!

Are you in need of a microphone stand to assist you with your performance or recordings?

Are you tired of heavy, impractical tripod stands that just won’t adjust to your height and keep the microphone in place?

Would you like to try a lightweight, portable and handy solution?

Sure Luxury may just have exactly what you’re looking for!

A Microphone Stand Built For Stability & Dependability

Get this great premium tripod boom microphone stand and make your performing and recording life a bit easier from day 1!

Its tripod and anti-slip rubber feet ensure that it will stay in place and will be less affected by floor vibrations, thus improving the quality of sound.

Its 2-part adjustable body, safe knob lock and spring-loaded clip microphone holder will also ensure that the stand can be set up exactly the way you want it and steadily hold the microphone at the right height for the entire duration of your performance.

Lightweight, Foldable & Portable

Sure Luxury provides you with a great, durable but lightly built microphone stand you can easily bring along on all of your gigs, performances and recordings.

It’s made to be quickly and easily foldable, so that you can set it up, adjust it, fold it and pack it away in mere minutes.

Whether you’re a professional singer looking for a piece of dependable gear or a hobbyist looking to equip his home studio, this premium tripod boom microphone stand is a high quality piece of equipment that’s guaranteed to do the trick for you!

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FULLY ADJUSTABLE MIC STAND: Sure Luxury’s premium tripod microphone stand is intuitively designed to be fully vertically adjustable. It includes two mic holders, one standard and one with a spring-loaded clip, which will hold your microphone at your preferred height and angle for as long as you need!
SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS: Our tripod microphone stands are manufactured with superior grade materials and modern production techniques to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. From the mic holder and the stand’s body to the knob lock and the tripod, everything is made to be of superior quality.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This great tripod microphone stand is lightweight and designed to be portable. It can be quickly and easily set up and adjusted or folded and packed away. Its size is only 32.8” x 4” x 4” and it weighs no more than 3 pounds.
IDEAL FOR PERFORMANCES: Carry this premium tripod boom microphone stand along to your performances, or set it up in your studio or home. It is also suitable for recording podcasts, video chats, radio shows, screen casts and more!
100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: At Sure Luxury, our customers’ satisfaction is our first and foremost concern. If the premium tripod boom microphone stand you receive is in any way below your expectations, you can benefit from our 90-day ‘No Problem’ guarantee – so don’t hesitate to contact us!