It is often assumed that successful meditation can only be achieved by first having a totally quiet, aurally sterile almost deep space quiet environment otherwise the mind can’t empty itself, rest and re-energize. Additionally one must utilize particular tools or props such as candles, incense and low ambient lighting. The concept is that in order to empty the mind of your troubles you must create a silence so deafening that your troubles must leave. But meditative practices take different sometimes radical forms from the standard stereotypical practice.

One excellent example is your working class or blue collar individual who is never associated with New Age type practices. In fact, the working class meditates more often than you think and without realizing it themselves. They may not engage in an elaborate ritual with special purchases however they achieve the same results. The method goes by many names but one can use “kicking back”, anywhere, anytime. Their “tools” are often popping open a local brew, lighting a cigarette and listening to a comforting version of their favorite music whether loud or mellow. In this state their minds leave the hectic everyday stress and seek those blissful days or even weeks of hunting, fishing, playing ball, etc.

The local dive bar or their porch or their stoop is their venue and their “tools”, tobacco and alcohol, are used in their meditation ritual. In fact the use of so-called unconventional tools for meditation – alcohol and tobacco – are standard for many cultures for millennia throughout the world for religious and ceremonial purposes.

Take a look at any present-day or historical photo of working class folk at rest who are interestingly meditating with their eyes open vs. New Age practitioners who meditate with their eyes closed. Whether open or closed they both travel to the same destination for the same peace of mind result and indeed achieve their objective.

Successful meditation is all about the mind at rest so it can recharge so that thought-provoking, sometimes life-changing messages, enter. Rest through meditation allows the mind to work more efficiently so you can make better decisions with confidence.

So next time you see some blue collar guy kicking back in some dive bar looking at nothing in particular, don’t interrupt. For a local minded guy he may be in a deep meditative state seeking the key(s) to the same wisdom and peace of mind we all do.

Source by Albert Goldson