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BlueWind RGB5050 16.4FT Only Led Strip:B013OQX3JG
BlueWind RGB5050 16.4FT WaterProof Led Strip kit:B019A3SB30
BlueWind RGB5050 32.8FT Non-WaterProof Led Strip kit:B01KVRB9MY
BlueWind RGB3528 16.4FT WaterProof Led Strip kit:B01CUILC3I
BlueWind 60W AC/DC Adapter:B01KVLB4XO

Our product has a mini portable body.By using its 44 powerful keys,you can accomplish a wide variety of color combination.It could be your right-hand tool once need a colorful decorative lights,for example holiday, event, show exhibition.Bring it back to your home,you will get an wonderful experiece of LED lighting color DIY.

-Working temperature:-20°C – 60°C
-Supply voltage: DC12V
-Product size:L124*W56*H22mm
-Output: 3 CMOS drain-open output
-Connecting mode:Common anode
-Max load current:2A each color

-Supply voltage of this product is DC12V never connect to DC 24V or AC220V.
-Never connect two wires directly in case of short circut
-Lead wire should be conected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.

-Please kindly noted that when you use White color for 3528 LED light strip,the strip will lit like Red Green and Blue, different from 5050LED which will lit like cold white, there’s no white mode for the 3528 LED.
-Before you use the IR Remote, please noted that there is one plastic piece on the bottom, please pull out it. And keep the IR remote close to the control box when you need to change colors.

Package Includes:
1x RGB Controller
1x 44Keys Remote20 static colors can be adjusted in dim/brightness, 5 light pattern. Static/Flash/Strobe/Fade-change/RGB Smooth-change.
16-Speeds Control in 6 buttons “DIY” for do-it-yourself, there are 16 lighting grades individually for red, green and blue color .So you will get 16x16x16=4096 different colors.Flash / Strobe / Fade-change / RGB Smooth-change.
Press quick or slow button under Jump3,Jump7, Fade3, Fade7 and Flash Mode, you can speed up or slow down lighting color changing at total 8 grades
Press auto, Jump3, Jump7, Fade3, Fade7 and Flash can automatically change periodically.
Press flash, white on and off.At the same time, you can get 3 colors and 7colors jumpy change, 3 colors and 7 colors fade change.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets