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Free up your hands and improve your performance with the Coda Bluetooth Page Turner.

This wireless Bluetooth pedal enables musicians and performers to change or scroll through pages on their digital devices hands-free, using their feet; creating perfect transitions between songs. Not only is this an eco-friendly solution to using paper charts and sheet music, it also creates smoother transitions rather than fumbling through paper and binders. The Bluetooth Page Turner easily syncs with dozens of popular sheet music, chord chart, tab, and reading apps including: OnSong, Planning Center Music Stand, forScore, MusicReader, Musicnotes, BandHelper, DeepDish GigBook, MobileSheets, SongBook Chordpro, NextPage, Teleprompt+ 3, and many more simply by turning on the unit, enabling Bluetooth on your device, and pressing sync!


• Left/Right foot switches turn pages left or right, or scroll up and down seamlessly.

• 30+ foot wireless Bluetooth range

• 50+ hours on a single charge using the built in, rechargeable battery and included USB charging cable.

• Clean, modern design featuring no bulky cables sticking out, durable and lightweight ABS plastic, rubber grip pedals to ensure full contact with the pedal every time, and easily readable LED’s indicating mode selection and battery life.

• Noise free switches enable distraction free performance, perfect for studio performance.

• 1 year hassle-free warranty when purchased from Coda Music Technologies

Whether you’re a solo artist playing coffee shops, weddings, or performing at home, or you play in a band, orchestra, cover band, or church worship team, changing pages with your feet using the Coda Bluetooth® Music Pedal is sure to improve your performances and creativity.

Purchase yours today and experience the freedom of hands free page turning!

Hands free music reading on iPads, Android tablets, MAC, and PC
Left & Right footswitches emulate arrow keys, PageUp/PageDown, and mouse clicks
Compatible with popular sheet music, tablature, and chord chart apps for reading music and lyrics
Built-in rechargeable battery with 50+ hours battery life
Autorepeat function available for fast scrolling and browsing

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets