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The BMB CSD series is available in High Powered 10″ and 12″. Equipped with the new high volume woofer and enclosed by a sturdy cabinet for sound stability. The CSD speaker produces solid sound and handles higher power and volume. Every BMB speakers are made with a highly reliable paper cone from Japan. Enclosed with double layer wood cabinet with interlocking panels to improve audio and strengthen the assembly as a whole. BMB products are shipped with certificate of authenticity and every unit is assigned with a unique serial number that can be verified for authenticity on our main site. BMB is a Green partner and is ROHS Compliant to protect the environment. The BMB CSD-2000 is a bass reflex system with a 3 Ways 5 Speakers configuration. There are is a 10″ woofer, two 3.15″ drivers and two 3.15″ tweeters. The system is rated for 400 watt minimum input power and has a maximum input of 1000 watt at 8 ohms. Each speaker cabinet weights 29.76 lbs. and have the dimensions of 11.18″x20.47″x11.73″.Reliable paper cone made in Japan.
Backed by a large strong magnet to produce high quality sound output.
Durable mounting options utilizing a special fastener provide safety to the speakers and users.
Emphasis on low-bass sound design to exhibit music rhythm clearly to performer.
Green partner and ROHS Compliant to protect the environment.