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After years of anticipation, the Boss Doctor Rhythm DR770 drum machine has arrived. Roland’s Boss drum machines have been a big part of the home recording revolution for a long time. They’ve freed up songwriters and demo-makers from having to figure out how to mic and record drums with limited tracks, space and budget. And with the advent of the DR660, the Boss drum machine sounded so good that it wasn’t thought of as just demo material anymore. Now, finally, we have the successor to that great machine, the DR770. Obviously, expectations are pretty high. Does the 770 live up to its name? You bet. It’s got all the popular features from the DR660 model, as well as some great new enhancements. The DR770 is Boss’s finest compact rhythm machine to date.Max. Polyphony: 14 voices
No. of Instruments: 255 waveforms
No. of Drum Kits: Preset: 64, User: 64
No. of Rhythm Patterns: Preset: 400, User: 400
Weight: 720 g (1 lb. 9 oz.)