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All Good Repair Technicians know that Chrome Plated Brass is a Soft Metal Material. With this knowledge they also know that you never use a Hard-Steel or Stainless Steel Pick when working on Life-Support-Equipment, the Soft Brass use in manufacturing Scuba Parts can be Damaged-Beyond-Repair due to Scratches or Gouges. Be the Professional “Always Using the Proper Tool for the Job”. Brass O-Ring Tool Pack comes with three Brass Picks which are Color-Coded for use; Curved Point (Yellow), Angel Point (Orange), and O-Ring Carrier (Blue).This Item Includes: Three Different Picks
Three Brass Pick Set
Safer Use then Harder Metal Picks
Helps Eliminate Damage to Soft Brass Parts
Color Coded for Proper Use: Curved Point (Yellow) Angel Point (Orange) O-Ring Carrier (Blue