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Take a Stab at These Metal Picks! Available in two tones (Brass & Copper) that produce a bell-like chime. If you’re looking for tone & durability,these metal picks will last you a loooong time, a great investment that keeps on ringing. Not only that, but an added benefit of the Copper pick is its inevitable oxidation which results in the pick gaining a tacky surface to further increase grip on top of the existing engravings! This power-grip combo results in added picking control to keep you on point, whether you’re sweeping through hot leads or laying down a chunky rhythm. These are even great on Bass & Mandolin as they give a slight bump in volume compared to plastic picks.Chime-like tone & outstanding durability. Excellent grip qualities due to their double-sided engraving
The copper pick has a reinforced grip due its natural tacky oxidation. Smoothed tips for a buttery attack & release.
Functional on several platforms including as Bass Guitar & Mandolin
Includes (1) Brass (Yellow/Red Engraving) and (1) Copper (Brown/Blue Engraving) These picks are approximately 1.25mm Thick with a a good weighty feel.
Guitar Picks for the musician, not just for decoration. Makes a great gift for any enthusiast.