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Controller functions: phone and tablet app
Remote: phone and tablet app
Power supply: 5VDC
Working current: 500mA
Max, load current: 216 watts
Remote distance: 30 meters
Power source: DC
Connection mode: common anode
Oscillation: 2.4GHz
Dimension: (L)9cm /3.54” X (W)6.6cm /2.6” X (H)1.5cm /0.59”

Wireless control of multiple LED lights in the palm of your hand
WIFI controller hub is compatible with 2.4GHz RF remote RGB controllers (ASIN:B00E7NL7NA). After completing a few simple setup, you will have a Wi-Fi control of all your LED lights simply by your smartphone or tablet

Programming Procedure
1. Wire all controller devices to one power supply or power strips but don’t turn it on yet.
2. With the power off,grab the smart device, and have app opened to your specific controller type.
3. power on the controller.
4. Within 3 seconds of providing power press the top button once in app on smart device.
If programming was successful any connected light strip should blink twice slowly and remote will immediately be functional.
Tips1:This control hub works with RF control unit (ASIN: )
Tips2:Single Device Pairing allows one control hub and one remote control to communicate as a unique pair. Multi Devices Pairing allow one remote controller to communicate with multiple control hubs without the required transmitting range.

In Package£º
1pc WiFi control Hub +1pc USB cord + 1pc user manualSuitable for all the 2.4G smart light series, RGB light bulb, RGBW light bulb/down light, dual white bulb/down light,etc
Remote control your light from your iPhone, iPad or Android smart phone App
Supply power to the WiFi controller by USB port or power adapter, DC5V,500mA
Long press key “RST: 3 seconds, revert to factory default settings
Single/multiple devices pairing. USB cable connection.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets