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GMI Pro’s Mixer/Amp Rack Case is a top quality travel case for your mixer & amp rack, with an amazing set of features!


• Road Ready Combination Mixer & Amp Rack
• 10-space Angled Top Section to Hold Rack Mount Mixers
• 4 Space Amp & Efx Rack on Bottom 20″ Usable Depth
• Eia Tapped Steel Rack Rails
• Friction Fit Removable Front & Rear Doors
• Premium Multi Layer Plywood
• Removable Front & Back Friction Fit Doors
• Removable Top Cover With Recessed Latches
• Heavy Duty Recessed Spring Loaded Handles
• Heavy Duty Protective Chrome Corners
• Industrial Grade Black Amp Felt Inside & Out
• Eia Standard Steel Tapped Rack Rails
• 12 10/32 Rack Mount Equipment Screws Included
• Dimensions: 16″ (H) X 21 1/2″ (W) X 20 3/4″ (D)
• Weight: 45 Lbs

GMI Pro Mixer/Amp Rack Case is designed with a slanted top rack for convenient mixer/CD controller placement and a vertical rack for amp or effect units. Our racks are constructed out of lightweight plywood, then covered with a durable carpet finish for maximum security. The friction fit front & rear doors are easy to fasten and remove, for your convenience. The heavy duty recessed handles are strong enough to withstand the weight of your equipment and won’t take up unnecessary space. GMI Pro’s Carpeted Mixer/Amp Rack Case is a great way to protect your investment with confidence!

GMI Pro, GMI Sound, Audio Dynamics & Feel The Music Inc. are a family of companies who have come together to provide the highest quality pro audio gear and equipment for the lowest cost possible. In business for 41 years, we are perfectly in tune with our global customer base of musicians, DJ’s and industry professionals who turn to us for all their shopping needs. Come aboard, join our family, and feel the music!COMBO MIXER & AMP: GMI Pro’s Carpeted Mixer/Amp Rack Case saves you time and space by conveniently housing both your mixer & amplifier so you won’t need separate cases for them.
LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: GMI Pro’s Carpeted Mixer/Amp Rack Case is constructed of a lightweight plywood material with carpeting that is easy to transport & protects your equipment.
RECESSED HANDLES: Our carpeted mixer/amp rack case comes with recessed handles, which are sturdy, won’t break under the pressure of heavy equipment & won’t take up extra space.
EIA TAPPED STEEL RACK RAILS: The EIA tapped steel rack rails make it easy for you to transfer your equipment from your home studio to your venue with as little fuss as possible.
FRICTION FIT DOORS: The friction fit front & rear doors of our amp rack case are easy to fasten and remove so you can access your equipment with ease & saving you a lot of time.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets