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Guaranteed high quality
This stage light was developed based on the public and market demand. We can assured that it will reach your standard in terms of lightning satisfaction and needs.

Smart and Automatic
The stage light device will automatically listen to the music based on the bit of it and it will accurately sync then emit a great and numerous amazing effect of lights.

It supports multi effect modes such as strobe, flashing, rotation and color mixing in slower or faster movements. You can also hook it up to the DMX control source for manual modes.

Durable Materials
The body of this device was made from high resistance plastic as well as the LED lightning source, use it every day without worrying about the lifespan.

Installed it faster as it has a nice mountable hook holder which is suitable on any angle and surfaces.

Best Lightning for
Party, Bars, Disco, Concert, Exhibit, KTV and many related occasions and activities.

Power source: AC 220V/ 10V
Power capacity: 24W
Product size: 22x21x17 cm
Modes: Automatic, Audio detection command with DMX
Light Source: 18 LED lights x 1W
Light Colors: 6 Red, 6 Green, and 6 Blue
Life Span: 50-100K Hours
Light Stream Angle: 25 Degree
Net Weight: 1 Kg

1 x Disco Light
1 x Mount Handle
2 x Adjustable Screws
1 x Users Manual
Three mode Humanized adjustment design: solid lights, strobe lights, and varying transitional fades. CCbetter Party lighting has 18 Led lights (6 red, 6 Blue & 6 yellow). The colors are vibrant and you can adjust different colors to set the mood for any type of event.
Portability: LED Par Cans are light and easy to move around. Colorful effect, Creates a Wonderful Atmosphere in the Ballroom, KTV, Party, Disco, Pubs, Shopping mall, Theater and Wedding.
Affordability: The LED light is made out of durable plastic, durable. It’s very affordable option in comparison to the ADJ or Chauvet Par Lights.
Simple fashion With stand ,Portable and flexible in operation.
You will get: 1 x CCbetter Disco Light; 1 x Mount Handle; 2 x Adjustable Screws; 1 x Users Manual; 12-month warranty

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets