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This is a specially drilled brass-plated hinge tailpiece, customized by C. B. Gitty for use with 3-string cigar box guitars. These make great low-cost tailpieces for CBGs, without requiring any potentially dangerous metal drilling. We include two matching mounting screws and a 2-page installation/usage guide showing you how to make use of these tailpieces. They are intended for use with ball-end guitar strings, though you could use loop-end if you ran the string back through the loop. These hinges are 1 3/8″ wide by 2″ total height. See the second photo for an installation example.Specially designed for 3-string cigar box guitars
Sturdy brass-plated steel construction with included screws
Hand-made in the USA in C. B. Gitty’s workshop
Designed for use with ball-end strings