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Civil War Cavalry Bugle Brass Military Instrument is great for civil war reenactments, scouting events, or as an affordable instrument for learning how to manipulate a mouthpiece. High quality brass bugle includes brass mouthpiece and chain. Now you can leave your expensive instrument at home and take this bugle out in the rain or on camping trips without worrying about the weather. Fully functional cavalry bugle has a slightly distressed finish to look more like authentic civil war bugles, and makes a great gift or first instrument at only $39.99. Cavalry bugle Measures 11.5 inches long with a 4 inch bell. Bugle accepts all standard mouthpiece sizes and ships complete with brass student mouthpiece.All brass construction, from mouthpiece to bell
Cavalry bugle in key of C
Brass Bugle is 11.5 inches long
Cavalry Bugle bell is 4 inches wide
Brass bugle is perfect for military reinactments, scouting events, and makes a great first instrument