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Clairevoire®, exclusive maker of piano covers. Made to complement the beauty and elegance of a piano, each cover is meticulously crafted to perfection. Using only the finest materials, Clairevoire piano covers are gracefully constructed by skilled tailors, enhancing aesthetics and providing protection. Elegance is beauty, and beauty should be unscathed, accentuated, embraced.Meticulously tailored for a universal fit | Available in 3 sizes | S – [26.4 X 49.2 inches][61 keys] | M – [24.8 X 59 inches][76~88 keys] | L – [27.6 X 66.9 inches][88 keys]
Gracefully constructed with premium quality fabrics | Available in Ebony Black and Pearl White
Luxurious, smooth and double layered with inner lining for extra protection
Elegance through simplicity | Minimalist free flowing design allows for hassle free usage
Fitted opening slit (60cm) for bookstand removes unnecessary assembling and dismantling