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The Clarity HA40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier featuring Clarity Power technology makes telephone conversations not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand. Compatible with most corded phones. Not for use with cordless telephones. Increases Incoming Sounds Up To 40 Db. Louder
Connects Easily Between Handset & Phone Base No Wiring Involved
Adjustable tone control (600-2400Hz)
Boost button allows for even more amplification and eliminates background noise and feedback by muting the microphone in the handset
Adjustable incoming volume control
For corded telephones only, not for use with cordless phones.
Troubleshooting: 1. Disconnect the Handset Amplifier from the telephone.
2. Re-connect the original handset to the telephone. If the problem disappears, then your Handset Amplifier is defective.
3. If the problem does not go away when you disconnect the Handset Amplifier, then the problem lies with the telephone or in your telephone line. Notify your telephone company of your problem or take your telephone to a repair center.