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Professional foot percussion Bass stompbox Puck’n Stompa PRO The original Vulcanised Rubber “Puck’n Stompa-PROFESSIONAL” acoustic stomp box percussion . version 3.0 This Professional Grade Puckn Stompa uses a NEW stronger more powerful rare earth Transducer/Pickup , and is perfect for any professional muso . I is the same construction as the Student model except it uses a more robust and louder sounding “rare earth” transducer, it is still a Dynamic driver and has a Bass output like no other, This is the Mother of all transducers….. This design includes a impedance transformer that pushes the output to a higher level matching the typical amps input, making it punchier, lower and the signal to noise ratio much higher. Made from a “real” Hockey puck. Only 1″ thick and 3″ wide No Batteries required. Rare Earth Transducer Has a special weighted and dampened magnetic membrane that produces a thud like a kick drum. Does not rely on the puck it self to produce any sound. Uses standard 1/4″ jack plug socket. 5 year warranty Fits in your Pocket. Sounds “AMAZING” Please note: the attached sound sample is recorder DI into the computer. This sound has a lot more punch once plugged into a LIVE amp!Super deep Bass
No Batteries required
High impedance to match standard amps
Virtually indestructible
Fits in your pocket