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No Other Tuner Offers Both Flat Tuning and Transpose Tuning For using a Capo

Always Be In Tune, Flattened or Capoed
As Used By Professional Orchestral Musicians

• You want to play your instrument, not mess around tuning. This clip on tuner responds quickly and accurately letting you tune up in seconds, literally.
• No need to plug in your electric to tune; ideal for backstage guitar techs.
• 12 string guitars can be notoriously tricky to keep in tune, not with this little beauty. Tune your 12 string almost as quickly as your 6.
• The guitar mode also caters for 7 string guitars.
• The strong solid clip keeps it in place and is not known for breaking or falling apart.
• The tuner can be adjusted in three directions so you can position it anywhere on your instrument. As the photos show, even hide it behind the head of your guitar.
• The tuner works by sensing the vibration in the instrument. No microphone so that it is not interfered with by background noise. Easily tune up in the noisiest of venues.
• Four flats tuning in instrument mode.
• Capo transpose function in Chromatic mode. Match the flats to the capoed fret up to the fourth fret.
• The large multi colour display makes it easy to tune even on stage between songs.
• Consider putting one in every instrument case you own.

The ONLY Clip On Guitar Tuner Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee

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Used by professional orchestral musicians. Yet easy enough for beginners.
The only tuner on Amazon to offer Standard, Flat and Capo Tuning. Complete with a built in metronome.
State of the art technology displays note and string number in the four instrument modes.
Solid, sturdy construction will not break. We’ll replace it if breaks under normal use.
The easy to read full color display makes it obvious when you’re in tune.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets