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Tired of a Recording Microphone that won’t work with your mobile phone or computer?

Or what about the price of a phone microphone? A bit much right?

Introducing The Highest Quality Lavalier Clip-On Microphone That Won’t Break The Bank!

The most innovative and flexible multi-pattern iPhone microphone available anywhere.
Our condenser recorder microphone is the ultimate instrument for producing amazing recordings, directly on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows Smartphone, Andriod or any of your digital gadgets.

Why Is This Condenser Microphone The Best Recording Microphone?
High-Fidelity Sound & Exceptional Performance: This lavalier microphone can capture anything with clarity & ease. The best in its class of any wireless microphone set.
Perfect for sound reinforcement, television broadcasting, radio and motion picture applications where a lapel mic is needed.

Tremendously Portable, Lightweight & Discreet:
Our clip on microphone is a truely UNIQUE instrument. The most ideal omnidirectional microphone for your budget, giving you absolute control over recording.
This Lavalier has earned the distinction of being the first widely endorsed Microphone on Facebook & Twitter!

• Our Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone is lightweight, portable & highly flexable.
• Competitavley priced to beat the competition
• Steel Mesh lattice repels wear & tear
• Top-notch quality and reliability
• Ridiculously affordable
• Works with all Apple & Windows Products

Scroll Up & Click “Add to Cart” To Get The #1 Lavalier Microphone For Voice RecordingPROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY: Our Clip-On Microphone has an innovative air-filled shock mount system diffuses background noise resulting in superior sound & recording microphone quality. Frequency response personalized for vocals, with enhanced midrange and bass roll-off to control closeness effect.
EXTREMELY VERSATILE: 3.5mm TRRS Jack for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Smartphone, Android and any tablet. Computer & Laptop too!
TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: Highly durable phone microphone and designed with steel mesh lattice to combat the elements and stand up against wear & tear. Our Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone is lightweight, portable & highly flexable.
SUPERIOR RECORDING EXPERIENCE: Quality magnet for high signal-to-noise (SNR) output. Our Recorder Microphone has superior rejection of off-axis sound and unvarying super-cardioid pattern for high gain before feedback.
EFFORTLESS SET-UP: Just plug the Lavalier Microphone into the headphone jack of your iPhone or any mobile phone and Voilà!