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Cocoweb designed its 22” LED grand piano lamp with the needs of pianists in mind: this elegant light is crafted to accent grand pianos in rich style, utilizing a system of advanced LED nodes to warmly illuminate your musical movements. Handcrafted elegance showcasing the classic lines and cut from the highest quality brass and aluminum, the 22” grand piano lamp has a matte powder-coated finish that ensures a lifetime of use: Cocoweb grand piano lamps are handcrafted, with each light rolled, polished, buffed, sprayed and inspected to make sure every individual light is a masterpiece. Available in black, Antique Brass, mahogany bronze, and a special black with satin nickel accents variation, this lamp is a sophisticated accent to grand pianos of all styles. Advanced LED technology this lamp comes equipped with an LED array for a rich lighting experience. Each DIODE has a warm color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, an illumination comparable to natural sunlight. In fact, this warm illumination reduces eyestrain in comparison to traditional light bulbs, allowing you to play in comfort for longer periods of time. And with an average lifetime of 50,000 hours, the 22” grand piano lamp is sure to provide vivid lighting for years to come. Stylized piano lighting each lamp includes a Cocoweb electronic dimmer, enabling you to set the brightness to your desired taste. The dimmer plugs in directly to the back of the lamp with a 5 inch cord, easily accessible no matter where you mount the light. In addition, the lamp is powered by a 10 foot wall Adapter with a discrete ultra-thin cord, allowing plenty of roaming space.Size Name: 8 inch x 22 inch
Made in the United States
Traditional style