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6 large foam windscreens perfect for desk top microphones (including Kenwood MC-80), ham radio mics, fitness classes, including bike or spin class, aerobic or step classes, body pump, etc. Includes custom holiday song lists. Also good for computer gamers, telephone headsets, tv studios–anyone who uses headset microphones or small desktop mics.. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you force a foam windscreen on a microphone that is too large, it will rip. If your microphone is too small, it will fall off. (Note: Smaller Compete Audio windscreens are available.) If the windscreens don’t fit or you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return them via Amazon for a full refund. Height: 4 cm, 1 1/2 in Width: 3.5 cm, 1 1/4 in Hole diameter: 1.25 cm, 1/2 in Hole Depth:3.75 cm, 1 7/8 in. See images for more size info., comparison chart.6 large foam windscreens for fitness instructor headset microphones
Includes set lists for six holiday workout classes.
Also good for larger telephone headsets, desktop mics, computer gamer
head set mics, recording studios, teller window microphones
See description, photos including size comparison chart for size specifications