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Brand New Junior Drum Set – Absolutely everything you need to start playing! A REAL drum set, just like a full size/adult set, but smaller. Look at these AMAZING features: 16″x10″ 12 Lug Bass Drum, Wood Snare drum, Two Hang Toms, Floor tom, 2-8″ Hi-Hat Cymbals, 1-10″ Crash/Ride Cymbal, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Bass drum pedal, Pair drum sticks, Drummers Key, HIGH-GLOSS Black Finish & Chrome Rims…Assembly is required. This set features real wood shells & is the perfect way to get started drumming Top seller ships fast! Makes the ultimate musical gift.Absoloutely Everything You Need To Start Playing
5 Piece drum set with Cymbals Stands Sticks Hardware
High Gloss Black Finsih & Black or Chrome Rims – Complete Drum Set
Amazingly Low Price and Ships Fast
Top Seller & Makes the Ultimate Gift!