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If you are looking for a super affordable, compact, powerful and amazing sounding Digital laptop karaoke system………well look no further! This is the hottest selling system of the year and now is available on Amazon! You will be receiving compliments and attention from everyone that hears this system rock. This system is perfect for doing karaoke at a bar, house party or just about anywhere you can imagine. Dj anywhere and anytime with this system as well. When you have 2000 watts of power you can do it all and that’s what you got here. You can add wireless microphones, more speakers or whatever you want to this system. Why not get a system like this and do some karaoke shows? It pays for it’s self within weeks! Would you like 1000 of the HOTTEST songs on karaoke for life to go with it as well? Sure you do, so you got it! That’s right, 1000 songs! That’s over a $1000 dollar value alone, so you basically get the system for FREE! Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask, we have technicians standing by to help all hours of the day! This is the BEST karaoke system on the web at this price and our exclusive Amazon special is JUST FOR YOU!Best karaoke and DJ software all included and installed by our professional staff!
Entire system to use for Karaoke, DJ, Tailgating or background music for your establishment!
Completely upgradeable system that can grow with you, works with any component!s!
Bouetooth System Includes pair of 12″ Speakers, 2000 watt Mic Mixer Amplifier, 2 Tripods, 2 mic stands, 6 Microphones & 20Ft Cables All software and laptop, Bonus laser light!