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If your little musician has aspirations to rock the classical world, you can’t set them up with anything better than a Schoenhut 37 Key Black Concert Grand Piano. The piano has a hinged lid, so when you open it the piano’s beautiful tones are made more resonant. The piano’s keys trigger hammers that strike metal strings to create chime-like tones. The lid raises and lowers gradually to prevent finger slams. Three full octaves provide a good foundation for the transition to an 88-key piano. Adult pianists will love this instrument as well.   About Schoenhut The Schoenhut story begins in the 1800s, when a young Albert Schoenhut began to build toy pianos in his Wurtenberg, Germany home. Born into a toy-making family, Schoenhut knew his way around a piano at a young age. By the time he was 23, he had already founded the Schoenhut Piano Company. The business started with just pianos, but grew to include a variety of instruments. When Schoenhut died in 1912, his company was the largest toy maker in the United States.   Today, the company is owned by Len and Renee Trinca. In addition with Schoenhut’s original designs, Len has designed and crafted new prototypes to add to the company’s line. Every product is guaranteed to bring 100 percent satisfaction, it’s the Schoenhut promise. Includes Schoenhuts patented Learning System. Full-width keys to prepare for larger pianos. Recommended for ages 3 to 6 years. Crafted of hardwood. Bench dimensions: 12L x 8W x 10H inches. Piano dimensions: 24L x 27W x 25H inches.Its hinged top, when open, enhances the piano’s lovely chime-like tones
The lid is designed to raise and lower gradually, so as not to slam down on little fingers
Three full octaves provide a good foundation for the transition to an 88-key piano
This model is popular with professional toy piano musicians
Includes: Schoenhut’s Learning System and Bench