The Advantages of Attending Harvard

There are many advantages of attending Harvard that all students will benefit from. Harvard features an intense learning situation combined with low student to faculty ratios and connections that will last a lifetime. Harvard has been able to attain a prominent place in the nation and has become an American tradition for many families. Harvard has seen seven United States presidents walk through its doors and over 40 Nobel laureates.

Located amongst colonial buildings and landmarks, Harvard features a unique urban learning experience. Students at Harvard will receive a world-class education. Harvard searches nationwide for men and women who are leading educators. Harvard also boasts a faculty who has been award Pulitzer Prizes in their area of expertise and for contributions to American journalism, letters and music. Many faculty members have received multiple awards as well. There have also been faculty members whom were awarded Pulitzer Prizes prior to being tenured, after retirement and after death. Forty-three Harvard faculty members, both current and former, have been awarded Nobel Prizes. In addition to award winning faculty, many Nobel Prize winners have come to Harvard to teach. Harvard also boasts a low student to faculty ratio insuring that every student has an opportunity to learn from the award-winning faculty.

Harvard has a diverse student population. They come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. There are many students from all over the United States and many students from over 100 countries. Harvard has seen a remarkable array of students who have become world leaders.

Harvard has also seen seven United States presidents including John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush. Amongst these presidents, Harvard has also seen a variety of famous actresses and actors including Fred Gwynne, Tommy Lee Jones, Mira Sorvino and Elisabeth Shue. Students will benefit from this long line of important people in American history. Students will be able to identify with these individuals and know they too can become great American influences.

Harvard remains a ‘need-blind’ college and only accepts students based on the academic achievements and other talents. The ability to pay or not to pay tuition is not considered during admissions. About two-thirds of the students who attend Harvard receive financial aid. Financial aid is provided through government grants, loans, scholarships and work-study employment. Many students are able to have one hundred percent of their education covered by financial aid packages.

Harvard has become an American tradition to many families and students have a large network of alumni. Many students attend Harvard because one or both of their parents have attended Harvard. Many students attend Harvard because they have exceptional academics despite a low family income. Both types of students are able to go to Harvard and achieve a world class education and that is the true advantage of attending Harvard.

Source by Louise Garrett