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Product Parameters:
Model Name: COOLMUSIC CLASSIC Distortion
Power:9V DC
Shell:Aluminum alloy shell with anodizing surface
Dimension: 115mm*61mm*20.5mm
A hot-rodded classic analog circuit,Delivers soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythms
The knobs adjust smoothly and are slightly stiff. Each knob and stomp button has an LED,It makes adjusting the levels on stage simple even in pitch black,The stomp button is Bigger than the normal stomp buttons. It really does feel better and easy turning this pedal on and off.
Aluminum alloy shell with anodizing surface,All Metal case that is painted with an awesome silvery paint. All Blue LEDs around the foot switch and on the dials.
It is definately Multifunctional distortion pedal, works great for both Electric guitar and Bass.
Slim design and light weight, it’s eassy to carry on and takes up little sapce.