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One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take a much needed break and travel this year for more than a quick weekend – I mean, actually travel for a while. My new crypto currency company, http://VendiCoins.com, is 100% digital and my first few upcoming Harvard classes are online as well. So, rather than waiting, wishing, hoping and watching all the cool kids do it on Instagram, I decided to go for it and make it happen. I decided to custom build a van with all of the amenities I would need to travel from city to city visiting national parks, music festivals etc without ever really needing expensive hotels, flights, rental cars etc.

I found a safe, solid running van with a high top (which, I’ll probably be making to the top even bigger). Instead of going the expensive route and buying a brand new van with monthly costs, I scooped this one up for $1,000 and decided to roll up my sleeves! Seems like something fun to do.

Although I was hesitant to buy this, due to the incredibly “terrible” interior condition, the overall vehicle runs great and the interior is being gutted out 100% anyway… and it was only $1,000. Plus, I know what it will look like when I’m finished 😉

I am gutting out the entire van and building the interior up to be a completely customized camper with everything I could possibly need to hit the road and see the sights! I’m also adding solar panels, a roof rack, and painting the exterior with tough truck bed liner. Going to be badass when I’m finished.

Thought I’d share the process. This short video is from the first 2 days of ripping out the interior. More to come once I actually get to building it out. (p.s. I am so glad to see that ugly interior ripped out!!). I now have a blank canvas to start from. #VanLife

Watch the video

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets