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• Quiet practice with the cymbals you use live!
• Cymbomute gives you the freedom to achieve more from your practice
• Keep the feel…cut the volume

Cymbomute WIDE RIDE 18 / 19 inch Ride Cymbal Mute (Pad Dampener Silencer) – Black

Keep a normal stick rebound from your Ride!

Cymbomute uses a unique self-folding stretch material as a sound absorber. Each mute sits on the rim of a cymbal and is held in place by its own tension. They are available for all sizes and types of cymbal so you can mute your entire array of hi-hats, splashes, crashes, chinas and rides.

With WIDE RIDE the special weave of stretch material is scaled up to 100mm wide. Ride cymbals are even more muted than with the standard mute. Now you have a choice over your ride cymbal sound reduction – the standard mute or the WIDE RIDE.

Acoustic practice is great, but sometimes volume is a problem. With Cymbomute you can use your real cymbals but cut the volume. So, if you need low volume, but want real cymbal feel, Cymbomute is the solution. Cymbomute outperforms a standard rubbery cymbal pad in playing feel & volume reduction.

Q: How do I put them on?
– First, pre crease the rim fold by hand.
– Pinch the mute to the cymbal with one hand and work the fold around the rim with your free hand.

Fold Stretch & Play – Just play!

Join 1000’s of drummers worldwide, get the perfect partner for your drum practice pads or mesh heads, buy Cymbomute!Cymbomute, the best practice mute for REAL cymbals – no pads, no plastic.
Keep a normal stick rebound from your Ride
Keep the feel of your full cymbal set-up – but cut the volume.
No ‘pad aim’, so no compromise in your playing style
Cut the Volume and protect your hearing during practice

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets