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Easy to connect and operate
Control many LED strip lights by adopting an advanced micro control unit

Easy to Use:
Connect the load line and power line, make sure all connections correct before power switches on.
Make sure there is no obstacle between the IR controller and the receiver when operating.

Not allowed to touch water, any liquid or any other humid environment.
When used outdoors, protect the adapter with a plastic cover.
No impacting or knocking.
Should not be used in high temperature and high pressure environment to avoid the product damage, and cause short-circuit, fire disaster and electric shock etc.
To avoid the male RGB Connector in the strip light roll missing, there is an extra RGB Connector in the 44-key IR Remote Controller Package.For 3528 5050 RGB led strip light
Output Current: (3x2A)6A
Supply voltage of this product is DC 12V, please don’t connect it to DC 24V or AC 100-240V.
The control box is suitable for 3528 5050 RGB led strip DIY work or replacement if it is faulty.
The wires of IR controller is arrayed in “G R B +”, so it will works well for the rgb led strip in the same array.(The light colours may be abnormal if you use it for led strip in R G B + array)

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets