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The fretboard stickers are laid out is a special way that allows you to easily master the blues and pentatonic scales. The black dots are notes common to both the A minor and A major scale. The blue dots are notes in the minor blues scale and the yellow dots are notes in the major blues scale. So if you play the black dots with the blue dots you are playing The A major blues scale and if you play the black dots toghther with the yellow dots you are playing the A minor blues scale. The blues “blue notes” are also indicated with a note symbol if you play the scale without these notes you are playing the pentatonic scale. Please see my video for further information.Learn major and minor blues and pentatonic scales quickly
Printed on high quality German Made Oracal removable vinyl and laminated withstand hard playing and perspiration ink will never wear off
Fits full size electric and acoustic steel string guitars with a nut width of 1 5/8 to 1 11/16
Alignment marks and easy installation video link