So you have made the decision that you would like to explore Asia and you set as a goal that you would like to get an Asian Woman as a girlfriend while you are at it. You have seen guys that have Asian girlfriends and wives and maybe you have heard the stories of the great times that you can have in Asia, but you do not have a large budget.

Where to start your search? I would recommend that you take a look at what the costs are that are associated with the different countries that you would like to explore. Places like Japan and Korea certainly have lots of eligible women that would be interested in meeting a western man, but the costs of even a very short vacation can be crazy. In Tokyo the cheapest guesthouses and even those capsule hotels can run you easy $ 40 a night. Now in places like Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos you can easily still find guesthouses under $ 10 that are comfortable.

After housing, the next thing that you will probably look at is food. A good guess is that if the hotels and budget accommodations are expensive, the people that live there are paying a fair bit for food as well, as the two are closely related, as the people that own the hotels will need a place to stay and the rates of holiday accommodations are a apartment cost divided by 30 with a markup for the value added services like the maid, and changing the sheets and towels, and the extra administration for rent collection, and paperwork, plus you need to have staff on hand , so now you know why hotels cost so much you can see where they are related.

The next things that you will look at are transportation cost there and the cost of moving around and communications. In countries like Cambodia you will most likely spend half as much or more to get there, as you will spend living there for a month. I had a pad in Phnom Penh for 2 months which was a two bedroom 2 bath with a large balcony, hot water, air con in the bed rooms and it cost me $ 600 with everything covered including the membership at the 5 star Raffles Hotel for my pool, gym and Jacuzzi. I also had a real good internet connection included in that. I would eat out and in my place and spend less than $ 15 a day on most days. The cost to get there today is $ 1200 that means that the accommodation for two months was the same as the plane ticket.

You are going to meet hot ladies everywhere the internet shops, bakeries, bars, restaurants, book stores, music stores walking around looking at the cool architecture. When you meet them you will of course want to get there phone numbers and you will setup things to do; Which means unless you are going to take a language course you need a place that has a lot of English speakers, and places that have lots of English schools will also have lots of coeds that will want to use a native English speaker as a practice board . A very easy way to get dates with the Asian Ladies!

One of the cheapest dates that you can have is dinner out, even at a decent restaurant, it is going to cost less than $ 30 for the two of you, and that include drinks and tips. Another fun inexpensive date is to have them guide you around the local attractions like the museums, parks and markets. The fun thing here is they have something to share with you, and they love talking about stuff like that because they are intimate with the subject, they are going to be animated and comfortable, and you are going to get a lot more out of it then if you went by yourself or with a paid guide. I never would have had my first grasshopper if I had not gotten a local lady friend to make me eat it. (The head and legs are great, the abdomen is like mash potatoes, and takes little getting use to).

So you need to do some homework. Research what the cost of living in the area or country that you want to go to is. How much is the transportation and Communications? Do you think that you will like the local food? Is there a lot of English spoken or are there lots of ESL schools where you are going?

If you do the research I bet that you will have the same great time that many others have had before you and your goals of seeing Asia and finding an Asian girlfriend will be met.

Source by Fred Tittle