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The Rally Sport is the ultimate kit for the gigging drummer! Made of 100% alder to give a ddrum twist to the classic club date kit! Not a compact or cocktail kit; the Rally Sport has a 14×22 bass drum with matching wood hoops and our Resolifts, combined with lightweight gull-wing spurs. It also features a 5.5×14 snare, tune it up for crack, tune it down for honk, it’s a size that can handle it all. The rack tom is 8×12 and is paired with a 14×16 floor tom on legs. The 12/16 pitch spread has proven to be the perfect compromise between a throaty rack tom, and a growling, punchy floor tom.5.5×14 Snare Drum
8×12 Mounted Tom
14×16 Mounted Tom
14×22 Bass Drum