Depersonalization is possibly the most logical of all the anxiety symptoms. It is also normal in the circumstance. Yes, it might feel strange and intrusive but once you know and understand the facts, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much logic is involved with this reaction.

I use the term “reaction” because that is exactly what it is, and nothing more. It is a reaction to a tired, exhausted mind…tired from too much fearful worry, rather than lack of sleep.

There are many triggers connected with depersonalization, such as prolonged stress, health worries, fears, continuous work or relationship woes, smoking marijuana or other recreational drugs. Regardless of the trigger, the process toward recovery is the same. It is simple yet very specific. It does not include medication because one is not ill. Repeat, this is not an illness and should not be treated as one.

The logic behind the symptoms is proof alone that this is nowhere near and illness, although the symptoms can often be quite daunting. Yet, each and every one of them has a logical explanation and can be simply reversed. It is when the individual becomes so fearful about the reaction that anxiety is heightened and the cycle of fear> anxiety/depersonalization> becomes part of the picture. This is why the symptoms often linger.

One must keep in mind that the symptoms will linger as long as fear is involved. This is where logic saves the day. A tired, fatigued mind is what is the primary concern. Through learning to “retrain the brain” by using the process of thinking in a more productive fashion and using diet/nutrition (foods to boost serotonin naturally), one has covered both sides of recovery treatment. The depersonalization dissolves and the anxiety associated with it is neutralized. One is also protected against recurrence of this disorder because they are well informed of the triggers.

Therefore, the logic is as follows:

1. Depersonalization is not an illness.

2. Depersonalization is the product of a fatigued mind, due to constant, fearful worry.

3. Triggers are often:



Fearful Thinking

Marijuana and Recreational Drug Use

Prolonged Health Concerns

4. Every single symptom is logical and can be reversed.

There is a distinct personality that seems to lend itself to these reactions:

Highly intelligent individual

Analytical individual (deep thinkers)

Creative Individual (artists, musicians, writers, deep thinkers)

Sensitive Individuals (caring, loving, people pleasers)


It does not matter what the trigger or how long one has struggled with feelings of depersonalization. Once the logic behind the reactions is understood and the proper process of approach is taken, the sensations simply dissolve.

This is not and never has been an illness. It does not involve a long, drawn out period of time to overcome, when approached from the proper perspective.

Through learning to think differently (retrain the brain) and use foods to work for you rather than against you, the recovery process is short and to the point. All that is required is a willingness to follow our suggestions and move through the specific process.

Source by Dr. R.E. Freedman